Posted by: Stewart Stevens | February 25, 2010

Love Your “Inner Janitor”

It’s interesting how people think about the different roles and functions that people play, and how we create a hierarchy around them.

For example, one might say that a “President” is at the “top,” and what’s at the “bottom?” It’s often “the janitor.”

But I propose to you that your “inner janitor” may be one of the most important functions in your life.

And I want to encourage you to embrace your inner janitor and hold him up as one of the highest and most important personas, whose functions will enable you to get what you really want.  In fact, without the janitor, it is actually impossible to get what you want.

So let’s consider what the janitor actually does. Read More…

Posted by: Stewart Stevens | February 25, 2010

Are You In Enough Pain?

Are you enough pain?

This may be a shocking question to you.  But if you haven’t made the decision to change, to do whatever is necessary to get what you want, it’s because you simply don’t have enough pain in your life. Read More…

Posted by: Stewart Stevens | February 20, 2010

Einstein and Home Depot

A famous quote by Albert Einstein goes something like this:

‘You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.’

This insight is extremely valuable because it calls upon us to raise our level of consciousness in order to solve our problems. It also points out that if you created a problem (or haven’t created a way out), you are probably not going to be able to solve it.

Unless of course, you get help.

Unless you expand your knowledge, gain a broader perspective, adjust your level of thinking, etc.

So what does that have to do with Home Depot? Read More…